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Helpful Tools - Useful tips when using your Nol Card


  • Keep your Nol Card in a protective pouch.
  • Ensure to check-out to avoid getting over-charged.
  • Make sure your Nol Card has a minimum of AED 1.80.
  • Make sure your Nol Red Ticket has a minimum of 1 single trip.
  • If your Nol Card is rejected at a reader, wait until the indicator light stops flashing, then try again.
  • Ensure your Nol Blue Card is not used by anyone other than you.
  • If you lose your Nol Blue Card, call the RTA Customer Service at 800 90 90 to report the loss immediately.


  • Hold more than one Nol Card over a reader at one time.
  • Hold your Nol Card too quickly over a reader, which can lead to an incomplete transaction; in such cases, touch the same Nol Card again as required until the transaction is completed.
  • Bend, write on, scratch, tap, cut or paste stickers or photos on your Nol Card.
  • Put your Nol Card in your back pocket, as the microchip on the card can be damaged when you sit down. Allow another person to use your Nol Blue Card.
  • Avoid penalties on Bus by paying attention to the Bus Penalty Rules .
  • Avoid penalties on Metro by paying attention to the Metro Penalty Rules .

Journey Planner

This smart tool provides you the information you need to manage your trips with optimal routes, journey time tables, and fare calculations.

Route Map

Download this map (PDF) to locate all Metro and Bus stations.

Happiness Meter