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Checking out - How to Check-out

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  1. Approach the exit gates of Metro or the exit doors of Bus / Water Bus
  2. Place your Nol Card on the card reader
  3. Wait to hear a beep or look for the green light which signals a successful check-out
  4. Pass through the exit gate / entrance

    At this point, the gate will automatically calculate and

  5. the cost of your trip/journey based on the number of zones you have passed and
  6. the remaining balance of your card.

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Violations and Penalties

Smart tips

The correct fare should be calculated and deducted from your Nol Card. Click here to check how your fare is calculated. If you think the public transport operator has charged incorrectly, you can file a claim online at Nol e-Services. Alternatively, you can file a claim by calling the RTA Customer Service at 800 90 90 or visit any ticket offices.

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