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Our range of cards

To meet your personal needs, four types of Nol Cards are available

nol Silver Card

Nol Silver Card

An anonymous card with an e-purse - Ideal for visitors and occasional travellers.

nol Gold Card

Nol Gold Card

An anonymous card with an e-purse that gives its holder privileged access to Metro’s Gold Class seats for premium charges.

nol Blue Card

Nol Blue Card

A personal card with a secure e-purse - Ideal for frequent travellers.

nol Red Ticket

Nol Red Ticket

A paper ticket which can be loaded with 10 trips and used only on one mode of transport at a time.

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Easy ways to get your Nol Card - There are many convenient ways to get your Nol Card:

Ticket Offices

You can purchase Nol Cards from Ticket offices located in all Metro stations and some Bus stations.
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Ticket Vending Machines

Silver Cards and Red Tickets can be purchased from some Ticket Vending Machines.
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RTA Customer Service Centres

You can purchase Nol Silver Cards from RTA Customer Service Centres.
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Authorised Sales Agents

Nol Silver Card can be purchased from RTA’s authorised sales agents
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You can now apply for a Nol Blue Card online.

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