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Compare Cards by Fares

  Silver Card Gold Card Blue Card Red Ticket
  Fares (in AED)
Within 1 Zone 3 6 3 4
2 Adjacent Zones 5 10 5 6
More than 2 Zones 7.5 15 7.5 8.5
Student, Social Affairs & senior citizen 2,3 N/A N/A 50% N/A
Disabled 4 N/A N/A Free N/A
Children 5 Free Free Free Free
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  1. Does not include Gold premium charges
  2. The allowed age of students can get the 50% discount of their age should be from 5 to 23 years
  3. The concession is of senior citizen is for UAE National and Residence
  4. The fare will be free for the disables who have permanent Disability
  5. Children below the age of five and height of 90cm can travel for free without a card

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