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Overview - 7 Zones to travel across

Zone Map

With your Nol card you can travel on Dubai's Metro, Buses and Water Buses which have stations located at different zones. Depending on the number of zones you travel, the fare will be calculated and automatically deducted from your e-purse.

Click here to see the complete map with all station within Dubai's seven zones.

During your journey you can make transfers across Bus and Metro. To maximize your benefits, please follow the transfer rules below:

Transfer Rules

Short Trip (up to 3km) Within 1 Zone 2 Adjacent Zones More than 2 Zones
Max Journey Duration 90 mins 180 mins 180 mins 180 mins
Max Transfers Allowed 1 3 3 3
Please note: These Transfer Rules apply to one-way journeys only. So, if you check out from a station and then check in at the same station, this will be considered a new journey (not a transfer).

Remember to check-out

Checking out is important since it allows the Nol Card to calculate the correct fare. When you check-out, we know where your trip ended so we can calculate the correct fare based on the actual zones you have travelled.

If you do not check-out, your Nol Card will always deduct the maximum fare.

When you check-out, the card reader will show you the remaining balance on your Nol Card.

So to avoid being overcharged, please remember to check-out every time.

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