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RTA unveils solutions, apps in support of NOL use during Gitex 2015

21 October 2015

As part ofits participation in Gitex Technology Week (18-22 October 2015) at the WorldTrade Center in Dubai, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has unveiled abundle of new solutions and applications to support the use of NOL cards. Thesewill enable public transport riders to pay fares of metro, tram, public busesand marine transit modes, as well as paying parking fees in Dubai.

“Byoffering these solutions and apps in Gitex 2015, RTA intends to familiarize thepublic with a number of solutions & apps, and also screen their views &comments about other apps & initiatives,” said Khaled Al Awadi, Director ofAutomatic Fare Collection Systems, Corporate Technical Support Services Sectorof RTA.

“Thesolutions & apps announced by the RTA in Gitex 2015 comprise fivecategories: NOL Smart Services incorporated in the Public Transport App withNFC Features. The services provided by these features include the instantrecharging of NOL card through tapping the NOL card with the smartphone. Thetop-up amount will be debited from a credit card or another NOL card. Thetop-up will be instantly made and the system will enable topping upPersonalized NOL Card by up to AED5,000 but non-personalized cards can betopped up by up to AED1,000. These new features enable users inquire about thebalance of the NOL card by just tapping the card with an Android phone. Otherbenefits include enabling users transfer balances between NOL cards, which ismost useful to public bus riders.

“The otherapp revealed by RTA is NOL Pass; a permit for NOL card empowering smart phonesto act as NOL cards through the NFC technology and Host Card Emulationtechnology. This app is designated to buying various types of NOL passes, wherepublic transport riders can use it in future without changing sim-cards oftheir smartphones; which is currently applicable in the Smart NOL card. It isnoteworthy that this app is still under research and improvement phase,”explained Al Awadi.

“RTA isalso unveiling Wearable Smart NOL products in collaboration with a specializedcompany in this field. Visitors of Gitex will be screened to gauge their ‘like’and uptake of these products should RTA opt to roll them out in the market infuture. Results of surveys will have a decisive say in offering such projects inthe near future.

“DuringGitex 2015, RTA announced the offering of NOL card selling & rechargingservices using MBME Smart Kiosks, where about 900 machines of this sort spreadall over the UAE. The smart kiosks will also be provided as part of RTA’s smartbus stops initiative. This app will be operational from the beginning ofNovember this year, and about 100 bus stops will be offering this service bythe start of 2016,” he noted.

“The fifthapp the RTA is promoting during Gitex is NOL Express involving the issuance ofPersonalized NOL cards for ordinary and gold classes to the public, through theID card only, within few minutes, instead of completing manual applications atthe metro stations and waiting for 14 days to obtain the card. RTA hadannounced this app in collaboration with Emirates Identity Authority earlier inOctober this year,” he added.

TheDirector of Automatic Fare Collection Systems reiterated RTA’s persistentefforts to use the latest technologies in various fields with the aim of bringinghappiness to public transport riders by offering them top-class services.



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