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RTA holds innovative workshop about delivering NOL card, e-Wallet services

5 December 2015

RTA’sCorporate Technical Support Services Sector has recently held a governmentinnovation worship under the slogan (We Meet, Think, Innovate and Advance) todiscuss how to be innovative in delivering NOL card and e-Wallet services.Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technical Support Services Sectorhad attended the workshop, which took place at the Government Innovative Lab ofRTA at the Dubai Tram Depot, Al Sufouh. Attendees also included directors,managers and a host of RTA employees, one representative of strategic partners(Land & Properties Dep’t), a number of university students, and the team ofthe Government Innovation Lab.

Thiscreative step comes within the context of RTA’s commitment to the initiativeand directives of our government for holding Government Innovation Labs withthe aim of improving the performance through discussing innovative ideas thatcan effectively contribute to nurturing a superb working environment in theEmirate of Dubai.

“Theworkshop discussed a host of vital topics focused on simplifying the servicesand procedures for NOL card users in order to overcome the existing challengesencountered. Such brainstorming sessions can generate cracking ideas that formthe blueprints of creative initiatives to leverage RTA’s excellence drive ofserving various community segments, especially NOL card holders. Discussionalso covered several issues related to the e-Wallet and how to innovate indelivering this service to customers,” said Al Madani.

During theworkshop, two visual presentations were made covering streamlined proceduresand services to RTA’s NOL card/e-Wallet users along with a detailed explanationof processes of the Government Innovation Lab at the RTA. A brainstormingsession was held to generate fresh ideas for improving services and developinginitiatives in this regard.

Al Madanipraised the positive impact of such initiatives as they prompt the personnelconcerned to come up with smart, creative, pioneering, effective andsustainable solutions for the best procedures of testing vehicles, consideringthe diverse challenges in this regard. This, says Al Madani, has motivated usto hold this innovative lab in order to develop appropriate solutions that meetthe needs of community members in line with RTA’s strategic goal of bringinghappiness to people.

It isnoteworthy that RTA’s innovative lab, which is situated at the Dubai Tram Depotat Al Sufouh, is considered the first government innovation lab in Dubai. Itcomprises training halls fitted with sophisticated equipment, areas for holdingbrainstorming sessions, a gorgeous innovation club designed at the higheststandards to nurture an inspiring innovative environment, a platform forpresenting and debating ideas, and interactive display monitors enabling thesharing of visual contents between members. These monitors can be interfacedwith smartphones & handheld computers of participants enabling wirelessdisplay of contents. The lab also contains supporting facilities such as a resthall, prayer room, and meeting halls.



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