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RTA, Dubai Municipality ink agreement for using NOL card in collecting entry fees of four parks

30 April 2016

The Roadsand Transport Authority (RTA) has recently signed an agreement with the DubaiMunicipality allowing for operating and collecting fees of public facilitiesrun by the Municipality in the Emirate via NOL card. The agreement is made inthe context of the Dubai Government efforts to boost the cooperation betweenpublic entities in the interest of the local community, and in support of theSmart City initiative of the Dubai Government.

Abdullah AlMadani, CEO of RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector in RTA’s HeadOffice signed the agreement and signed it for Dubai Municipality Mohammed AbdulKareem Julfar, Assistant Director General for Corporate Support Sector of theDubai Municipality. Nasir Abu Shehab, Acting CEO of RTA’s Strategy &Corporate Governance Sector, in addition to officials from both parties, alsoattended the event. The agreement, which will be put into effect early nextyear, provides for using RTA’s NOL card in levying the entry fees of publicfacilities of the Municipality.

The twoparties agreed to put the agreement into practice at four public parks namely,Al Mamzar Park, Zabeel Park, Mushrif Park, and the Creek Park. RTA has toinstall electronic systems for selling/recharging NOL cards according toplaces, quantities and specifications defined by both parties, while theMunicipality undertakes to furnish the RTA with rules & legislations ofrelevance.

Julfarstressed the importance of this agreement and this project, which epitomizesthe deep strategic relationship between the Dubai Municipality and RTA inproviding joint services for the happiness of community members by offeringthem smart technological services accessible to all community segments. “Publicparks in Dubai are iconic entertainment avenues in the Emirate and attract morenumbers of visitors each year. This new service contributes to easing theaccessibility of parks via smart gates compatible with the Government’stransition to smart services,” he noted.

“Theagreement with the Dubai Municipality underscores the commitment of bothparties to broaden their partnership to better serve the public and make themhappier. It comprises detailed provisions governing the collection process andall aspects needed to ensure a smooth implementation, which is slated to startearly next year. This course of action is part of the continued cooperation ofDubai Government departments in support of the Smart City initiative with theaim of delivering services that make people happier by capitalizing on smartmeans aligned with the highest international standards,” said Al Madani.



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