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nol services to cover Water Bus in Dubai Marina

8 October 2016

The Roadsand Transport Authority (RTA) has expanded nol card services to cover paymentof the Water Bus fare at Dubai Marina four stations, namely, Marina Promenade,Marina Walk, Marina Mall and Marina Terrace. The move is part of RTA’s effortsto streamline the use and accessibility of marine transport services to riders.

Mansour Al Falasi, Director of Marine Transport, at RTA’s Public TransportAgency, said: “including the payment of the Water Bus fare at Dubai Marinastations to nol card system is part of RTA’s endeavours to improve the farecollection system of marine transit modes. This particularly relevant to theWater Bus which, from January to August 2016 lifted 348,658 commuters,indicating the great demand for the service. This has prompted RTA to consideradding the Water Bus service to the nol system, which was restricted to theWater Bus service at Dubai Creek. The move also contributes to theimplementation of RTA’s 3rd strategic goal: ‘People Happiness’.”

“The Water Bus travels every 20 minutes, from 10:00 am to 11:00 pm, fromSaturdays to Thursdays; and from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight on Fridays andpublic holidays. Each Water Bus has a capacity of 36 commuters with spacesdesignated for riders with disabilities. It is fitted with lifejackets, a fireextinguisher and a first aid kit. It boasts of an air-conditioned interior, adual-base low-wash structure, and comfortable seats that make the journeyenjoyable” continued Al Falasi.

“The rider can swipe nol cards on the card reader on board, and swipe it againupon arriving to final destination. The rider has to make sure  that abalance of at least AED 11 is available on the nol card, otherwise it isrecommended to top up the card at RTA’s Customer Happiness Centers, RTA’s App,website (www.rta.ae) or customer service offices in marine transport stations,”concluded Al Falasi.



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