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RTA introduces smart improvements to NOL card uses

29 October 2016

The Roadsand Transport Authority (RTA) is gearing up for the launch of the final versionof the Smart Fare project to the public in October this year, having gonethrough the trial version this September. Accordingly, new services will beadded to the Public Transport App, and the smart services on the app will beupgraded in a bid to provide streamlined services to the public, and realizeRTA’s 1st and 3rd strategic goals i.e. Smart Dubai, and People Happinessrespectively.

The upgraded app uses Near Field Connectivity (NFC) to support the currentservices and enable the launch of a new package of services relating to the useof NOL card as a means of payment for services provided through the app. Thanksto the NFC technology, it will be possible to read and update NOL cardsdirectly through smart-phone. Android devices supports thistechnology.  

“The Smart Fare project uses the NFC technology i.e. tapping NOL card onsmart-phones (Android devices) in which the Public Transport Smart App isuploaded. The customer would then be able to top-up NOL card instantly, and buya bus & metro permit without visiting tickets counter or renew such apermit,” said Khaled Al Awadi, Director of Automated Fare Collection, TechnologySupport Services Sector, RTA. 
“Services will be paid for through entering details of customer’s credit cardto the app in coordination with the Smart Dubai Government. The new servicesadded to the app include credit transfer from a card to another, and inquiryabout journeys made through NOL card.

“The service would contribute to eliminating any inconvenience related to thelimited number of recharging machines. This would add to customers’satisfaction rating which tops RTA’s agenda, and support the Smart Cityinitiative launched by Dubai Government for upgrading services in a waybefitting the profile of Dubai amongst cosmopolitan cities,” added Al Awadi.


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