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RTA Launches new categories of NOL Card, upgrades others

09 Feb 2011

Mr. Abdullah Al Madani CEO of RTA's Technical Corporate Support Services Sector announced that the RTA would launch new categories of Nol Cards used in paying fares of all mass transit means including the metro, public buses and the water bus besides paying for the parking fees in all over Dubai Emirate.

"The new categories would encompass Blue Nol Cards designated for students of schools and universities, seniors and special need persons as well as the issuance of monthly blue Nol Cards," said Al Madani.>

"The new categories of the blue Nol Cards will be issued in phases starting by students cards where the system will be upgraded starting on February 7th in a process that lasts three weeks," he added.

"Through this initiative, RTA is seeking to expand the scope of its services to take in more social segments in a bid to entice them to use public transport means in Dubai Emirate such as the metro, public buses and the water bus," continued Al Madani.

For his part Mohammed Al Mudharrab Director of Automatic Fare Collection said: "RTA would also release a dual-chip card known as "Combi Card"; a credit card fitted with Nol card chip enabling the user to use his or her credit card in traveling on various transit means. RTA has signed an agreement last year with Emirates NBD Bank enabling the bank customers to obtain and use this card for dual purposes.

"The Automatic Fare Collection Department will also enhance its e-services to attract more users such that it will be easy to obtain and recharge Nol card electronically from anywhere."

"The Department will also upgrade Nol Red Ticket to make it interoperable in all public transport means regardless of the purchasing outlet as this ticket is currently valid only in the outlet from which it has been bought; which means if it is bought from a metro station, it will only be valid only for the use on the metro, and so is the case with public buses and the water bus," said the Director of Automated Card of Transportation Systems in a final remark.


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