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RTA issues ‘NOL Special Design Cards’ with images of Dubai landmarks

23 February 2013

The Roads & Transport Authority (RTA) has made a new edition of the Personalized Blue Nol cards featuring special designs of Dubai landmarks such Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, Bastakiya, Clock Roundabout, and the Trade Center in a bid to familiarize visitors, as well as residents, with iconic landmarks of Dubai Emirate.

Mohammed Al Mudharreb, Director of Unified Fare Collection Card, RTA Technical Support Services Sector, said: “The exclusive edition of Nol Special Design Cards issued recently has a unique designs featuring images of famous landmarks that contributed immensely to making Dubai the premier tourist destination in the region. These items have been selected on the basis of their importance and repute not only at the national level, but also overseas, and in captivating the attention of people, thanks to their unique blend of heritage and modernity.

“The RTA is issuing various editions of Nol cards to match national and social events, giving users of mass transit means a sense of exclusivity in bearing historic icons of the Emirate. It also marks a contribution to furthering the concept of national identity, besides encouraging people to buy Nol cards to use them in various mass transport modes (public buses, metro or marine transport) in an exercise that saves time and effort in paying transit fares in Dubai,” continued Al Mudharreb.

“Documents required for applying to the Nol Special Design Cards include: photograph, ID card, and credit card. Clients can then visit Nol portal ( www.nol.ae ), press Nol Store in the overhead Menu, select the design they fancy, and then apply for the service by filling the application form and attaching the required documents such that the e-payment process can then be made. The Card will be delivered within 14 working days and remain valid for 5 years,” said the Director of Unified Fare Collection Card in a final remark.

It is note-worthy that buying various categories & designs of Nol Personal cards can only be made through Nol portal, and cards are sold at rate of 100 dirham, inclusive of the design and application fees.


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