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Use of nol cards in Smart Fare soars by 71% in three months
Customers’ satisfaction rating hits 92%
Al Awadi: The technology conforms to RTA’s Smart Dubai strategy

29 November 2016

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) revealed that the use of nol card in Smart Fareservice had increased by 71% since the launch of the service last September.About 8,834 transactions had been made through the service, which is accessiblevia RTA’s Public Transport App and subsequent updates. The aim of thetechnology is to facilitate the offering of services to the public and realizeRTA’s first strategic goal (Smart Dubai), and third strategic goal (PeopleHappiness). The Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is used to supportthe app services and provide new ones as regards recharging nol card via thePublic Transport App. The NFC technology enables the reading & updating ofnol card directly through Android smartphones.

“The rising use of the smart fare by 71% reflects the success we have beenaspiring to achieve through the launch of this project in realizing RTA’s firststrategic goal: Smart Dubai,” said Khalid Al Awadi, Director of Automated FareCollection Systems at RTA’s Corporate Technology Support Services Sector.
“The Smart Fare has raised customers satisfaction rating as regards the timetaken to avail the service from 87% to 92% and dropped rate of complaints fromthe delay in availing the recharge service from 18 cases per month to zero.

“The Smart Fare is based on using NFC technology in recharging nol cardsinstantly by just touching the Android smartphone in which the Public Transportapp is uploaded. It also enables transferring balances between cards andinquiring after the log of journeys made through no card,” he added.

“We still have plans to upgrade the service in future by providing additionalservices such as buying & renewing public transport travel permits andusing nol card in paying for RTA’s services via the smart apps. All theseendeavours add to the Smart City initiative launched by our government to raisethe profile of Dubai city worldwide,” commented Al Awadi.

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